CK Mechanical offers a wide range of services in addition to our heating and cooling services to help make your home more comfortable and energy efficient, including hot water heater rentals and purchases, hot water heater maintenance, and tankless hot water heaters in Windsor-Essex County.

We also carry a wide range of thermostats, humidifiers, HRV, air purifiers, HEPA filters, and fireplaces to help you improve air quality and give you more control over the conditions in your home.


Hot Water Heaters

Hot Water Heaters At CK Mechanical, we are proud to offer you great options for hot water tanks in Windsor and Essex County, including energy efficient models from John Woods. We also offer complete hot water heater maintenance services, as well as great hot water heater purchase and rental options to fit your needs and budget. John Woods Power Vented Water Heaters w/ 40-75 Gallon Water Tanks   Product Features: Industry-leading energy efficient power vent, with up to a 0.70 EF Glass lined tank provides superior protection against corrosion Sensor detects the presence of flammable vapours and automatically disables the unit, preventing their ignition State-of-the-art electronic gas control features advanced self-diagnostic capability that makes troubleshooting easy

Hot Water Heater Maintenance

Hot Water Heater Maintenance Just like other appliance that need maintenance, a water heater is quite the same. Water heaters need regular maintenance to prevent wear and tear. With proper maintenance, your water tank will last longer, saving you the trouble and cost of replacing it before you have to. At CK Mechanicla, we offer complete water heater repair and maintenance services to keep your water tank working its best an Call CK Mechanical now to book a yearly maintenance inspection to help prevent future breakdowns. To learn more, contact us today with any questions you have about hot water tank repair and maintenance in Windsor and Essex County. Contact CK Mechanical Heating & Cooling for Leading Hot Water Heater Service

Hot Water Heaters for Rent & Sale

Hot Water Heaters for Rent & Sale If you find yourself always running out of hot water during a shower it may be time to upgrade to a larger tank or possible upgrade to a Tankless Water Heater or other energy efficient water tank that can provide you with endless supply of hot water, whenever you need it. The average lifespan of a hot water tank is 10 years. At around that age or older the repairs can happen more often and can be quite expensive. Just remember as a general rule of thumb that if repair costs exceed the 50% cost of getting a new one, you should replace the tank. At CK Mechanical we provide affordable pricing for new hot water tanks and we can offer rental options as well. For more information on hot water heaters in Windsor and Essex County, including our selection of tankless water heaters, contact us today or call CK Mechanical at 519-967-2585. Call CK Mechanical now to get a FREE no obligation quote

Tankless Hot Water Heaters

Tankless Hot Water Heaters Tankless water heaters offer you a number of advantages, including reduced energy costs, a compact design that takes up less space in your home, less wasted water, and a longer life expectancy than many traditional tank water heaters. At CK Mechanical, we are your source for tankless hot water heaters in Windsor and Essex County, including rentals/sales, installation, maintenance and repair. To learn more about our tankless water heaters, contact us today or call us at  519-967-2585. RINNAI SENSEI TANKLESS WATER HEATER  ENERGY STAR ® CERTIFIED ENERGY STAR-rated water heaters meet strict efficiency standards. While all Rinnai water heaters use less energy than tank water heaters, our condensing units use even less, saving you more. FASTER HOT WATER DELIVERY Rinnai Circ-Logic™ technology allows you to set recirculation patterns that coincide with your typical habits. Hot water is available when you need it, without the expense and inefficiency of circulating it during times of inactivity.…

Smart Thermostats

Smart Thermostats Nest Learning Thermostat Turn your home into a smart home with the Nest Learning Thermostat. It remembers what temperatures you like, learns your schedule, and programs itself to save energy. Its sharp 2.08" LCD display with Farsight lights up when you approach. WiFi connected, you can control it with your mobile device, and use it with numerous compatible smart home products. Goodman Comfortnet Communicating Control Full Color Touchscreen Display Auto Programming with easy-to-change presets Multiple Maintenance Reminders Large, easy-to-read lighted display Hardwired with battery backup Built-in humidification and dehumidification controls AccuLink™ Platinum 1050 Control Product Highlights: Built-in Nexia Bridge Control over 200 z-wave home automation devices Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection Compatible with AccuLink™ Communicating and AccuComfort™ Variable Speed Systems Zoning Capable 7" color touchscreen 5-day weather forecast, alerts and radar Create up to four daily heating…


Fireplaces At CK Mechanical, we are proud to carry a great lineup of Savannah Heating Products fireplaces. These fireplaces are energy efficient and provide great warmth and beauty to any room in your home. Savannah BCF - Light The BCF-Light is a revamped BCF36 fireplace, made to look more contemporary and clean. The one-piece front surround houses the screen so no unsightly frame is hanging off the front of the unit. The trim comes attached to the unit for ease of installation. Everything is flush and sleek. The new log set is a bold step forward and the flame at only 18,000 BTU’s is impressive. Probably the most pronounced flame of any builders unit on the market! The BCF-Light is designed to be a builders unit that the builder can be proud of.   Learn More