With the summer heat in full swing, you don’t want to be without your air conditioner during the warmest days of the year. While sometimes an air conditioner problem comes on without warning, in other cases there are signs that let you know it’s time to call a professional before a problem gets worse. If your air conditioning system starts showing any of these signs, talk to CK Mechanical about an air conditioner inspection and AC repairs and service.

Signs You May Need Air Conditioner Service in Windsor-Essex

These are just some of the telltale signs you should watch out for that your cooling system could have a problem and, if left untreated, it could lead to bigger problems down the road.

New or worsening sounds

If your air conditioner suddenly becomes louder than it used to be when the fan is running, or it starts making loud mechanical noises, there could be an issue there that should be addressed before the components of the system get damaged. 

Weak airflow

Your system not pushing out as much as air through the vents as it normally does could indicate a blockage or issue with the fan. Weak airflow can seriously impact how well your system can cool your home, and can indicate a problem that could get worse over time, so it’s a good idea to get your system inspected by a professional from CK Mechanical.  

System pumping hot air

Hot air coming out of your system when you’re trying to cool your home in the summer is definitely not what you want, and this issue can mean that there’s a coolant problem or other issue with your air conditioner.

Cycling on and off Frequently

While it’s normal for your air conditioning system to come on more frequently on the hottest days of the year, if you find it’s switching on and off constantly, there could be a problem. Not only can this behaviour from your cooling system make it less effective, but it can also cause it use more power and be more expensive to operate.

Unusual Smells

When the fan is operating, are you getting a strange or unusual scent coming from your vents? Unpleasant smells like mold could mean that your air conditioner needs cleaning, or that you may need duct cleaning. Other scents can indicate a mechanical problem with your system.

High Indoor Humidity

Your air conditioning system is designed to remove indoor humidity - if you’re finding that your home is humid even when your system is in operation, it can mean that your system is not able to remove humidity the way it’s supposed to.

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