If you’re looking to upgrade your furnace and air conditioner, and are also interested in modernizing your home with great smart home products, CK Mechanical has a great offer for you. Right now, when you buy a select Amana bundle, you will receive free Google smart home products.

Google Smart Home Products

Smart home products are a great way to let you make the most of your new heating and cooling systems. With these great smart home products, you can easily control your system from anywhere, maximize efficiency, and plan effectively for your heating and cooling needs at different times of day and react to changing weather conditions outside. Save money by controlling your furnace and air conditioner use based on your specific needs. These products are also easy to use, making sure that you always have the level of control you want over the heating and cooling conditions in your home.

Amana Furnaces and Air Conditioning Systems in Windsor-Essex

An Amana bundle is an outstanding way to make your home more comfortable throughout the year. In the summer, an Amana air conditioner will keep your home cool and comfortable in even the hottest Essex County summer, while a new Amana furnace can stand up to the cold winter weather that Windsor-Essex experiences each year. These systems will help to make sure that your home has the ideal temperature no matter what season it is.

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To learn more about the Google Smart Home offer from CK Mechanical, call us at (519) 967-2585 or contact us for more information. We proudly provide heating, cooling and home comfort products and services to customers across Windsor and Essex County, and have worked with residential and commercial customers across the region. This is a limited time offer, so reach out to us today.