Is your furnace repair costs making you contemplate on purchasing a new furnace? You might have questions like, what kind of furnace do I buy, what efficiency is the best. The experts here at CK Mechanical are here to help you with any of your furnace replacement questions.

A Furnace Replacement is an expensive investment for your home. Here are some key factors to help you decide whether this investment is worth it or not:


Age: While a furnace has a lifespan of around 10-15 years, expect to pay more for repairs as you get closer to the life expectancy. Most of the time if a unit is older than 10-15 years it is time to replace that unit, especially if you have already been spending a lot of money on repairs over the last few years.

Utility Costs: A new furnace will have a higher efficiency, this will lead to lower heating bills, with that you could definitely see some substantial savings that will pay itself off over time.

Repair vs Replace Ratio: A good rule of thumb is if your repair costs exceed the 50% cost of getting a new one, it is time to replace it.



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You may also qualify for an Ontario Power Authority rebate. Ask us for details.


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